Weekly Activities

Every day we have a different activity 

During the school year, we plan to offer a wide variety of activities.
Scheduled activities are subject to change without notice.

Spring 2012 Schedule

 Monday  Drama
You may think you already have a Drama Queen or King but here the children will get to learn what the "theater" is about. Miss Susie from the Gamm Theater stops by and show us what theater is all about.
 Tuesday  Cooking with Chefs Miss Chris & Miss Michelle
What a great way to get a Math Lesson in! After all, what is "measurement" all about? And then you get to eat your work! YUM!!
 Wednesday  Crafts with Miss Chris & Miss Linda
Each week we will do a different craft.
 Thursday  Art Class with Mrs. Ford
Learn more about the Art of Art!
 Friday  Apeiron Institute with Miss Elizabeth
We have the Apeiron Institute stop in and show us how to explore our environment. Go Green!
If you would like to learn more about the Apeiron Institute in RI, click here.